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hell, hell, the gang’s all here!

the ‘idiot spy’ series
book one of ten

Zanthius De Lombardo is a womanizing, home-wrecking, self-absorbed, inconsiderate screwup. But all that is about to change. After the failure of his marriage and a suicidal bout with alcoholism, he lands a job as the HR director for a government-run energy company, where he expects nothing more than watercooler gossip and maybe a casual office romance.

Instead, Zanthius discovers the business trip he has been sent on is a one-way journey with no return ticket needed, and that the energy company he works for is a front for a consortium of off-book government assassins and spies. When Zanthius doesn’t die after swallowing a capsule containing a world-changing formula—as was expected of the ‘idiot spy’—he finds himself caught up in a game of international espionage as world governments race to get their hands on the secret formula for the Carbon Factor, a powerful, cheap dirty bomb that fits in a half-gallon milk carton.

While attempting to keep the Carbon Factor formula from falling into the wrong hands, Zanthius’s once lackluster life is suddenly filled with spies, crooked politicians, terrorist groups, a secret government society, mercenaries, and the threat of death at every turn.  He has a passionate romance with a spy who later becomes his wife, and he discovers from his mother shocking revelations about his father, Ben Beckmire, who, along with eleven of his friends, comes to his rescue. Little by little, the ‘idiot spy’ becomes the man he is meant to be. But is it enough to save the world?

conjured and distorted truths

the ‘idiot spy’ series
book two of ten

In book two of the ‘idiot spy’ series, the group continues to be confronted by complications at every turn emanating from Zanthius De Lombardo swallowing a capsule that allegedly contained secret information about a dirty bomb, the Carbon Factor.  They are hunted by mercs, explosives are placed in their planes and vehicles, they are double-crossed by a so-called family member, and are faced with the fact that a loved one has been dastardly dispatched of.  Their leader sanctions an unspeakable and horrific death for a nemesis.  The group’s Virginia hideout is obliterated and they venture to a ranch in the Midwest where they root out carpetbaggers preying on ranchers down on their luck and prepare for the many imminent attacks!

The group encounters crooked politicians, cult members, and low-level government employees who freely operate clandestine programs without checks and balances. They interrupt a so-called détente meeting about an island in the Pacific, but it is, in fact, a drug deal in development.

During their adventures, they recover millions of dollars in payments intended for mercs.  The capsule is retrieved and surrendered to devious government officials.  Inadvertently, important property is returned to the ‘idiot spy’ that is fundamental to locating the formula for the Carbon Factor.

© C. Benjamin Lattimore

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