THE CHAMELEON introduces Ben Beckmire’s unknown son, Zanthius De Lombardo, who eventually becomes ‘the idiot spy’. The Chameleon is a story about Zanthius who adores and has his way with women. He is loathed by men but admired by women because he is gorgeous, over six feet tall and has the body of a gladiator. Zanthius is a married philanderer, whose playground is the U.S. Virgin Islands. He is a womanizing, home-wrecking, self-absorbed, inconsiderate screwup. After being terminated from his job and simultaneously divorced, he is at his wit’s end. Zanthius, with help from his constant friend, the bottle, contemplates suicide.

THE WINDOW is a true story about a male child who was sadly placed in the window of adoption because those charged to care and love him, failed to rise to the challenge, no matter the reason. During his crusade for knowledge of his biological parents, he is blocked by bureaucratic snafus at every turn. Undaunted, he pursues his mission despite insanely high costs for basic information about his past, while constantly being confronted with massive privacy regulations and sealed documents that kept him from achieving his objectives. A social worker who worked for an adoption agency, comes to his rescue by doing research of her own by calling old telephone numbers that had been listed for the purported father. From a simple telephone call, the chilling truth would eventually be known to all. The Window, everyone had an excuse!


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